About Our Program





Welcome to the introduction of our current breeding program. Through the years one of our biggest goals has been to breed cattle that have unique genetics, while maintaining longevity and good carcass qualities within these genetics. On average we keep 140 registered cows and A.I. about 35 to 40 of our less significant producers to Black Angus. We compare the performance of the purebred cattle to the commercial bred cattle and select accordingly for reductions in our herd. Subsequently replacement heifers are selected on the basis of good genetics.

Our herd was started in 1942 by Dave and Anna Girletz and remains successful three generations later. Dave brought the Sir Pat Gold 230P bull into Canada in 1952 and started what he called the ‘Mischief’ cow family. This has turned into a foundation cow family for our program and the entire Polled Hereford breed; 52% of the current sires listed in the ’2007 Bulls of the Breed’ semen catalogue, trace back to this cow family.

Even through an ever changing marketplace we have strived to maintain a consistent type of cattle for almost 65 years; while still changing certain characteristics to suit the needs of the purebred and commercial buyers.  In order to move forward we are keeping up with new developments in the cattle industry. We began ultrasounding our young cattle seven years ago in order to trace carcass traits to different cow families. Over the past five years our herd has consistently produced carcass animals that have placed in the top ten in all breeds carcass competitions at the Calgary Stampede. The ultrasound data we collected over the years helped us select the straight bred Polled Hereford Steer that took home 5th place out of 81 steers, in the 2002 all breeds carcass class.

In order to solidify carcass quality, longevity and milk traits in our cow families, we strongly believe in line breeding. Our cattle are extensively line bred to sires King Ten, Broadview Anxiety 2T, Pat Gold 230P and Tee Two Kodavic 4F.

Whether you are looking for an outcross herdsire or heifer, carcass genetics, milk, ribeye, consistency, or longevity in your herd, we are confident that our program will have the genetics to suit your needs. We have a passion for discussing cattle and are interested in all opinions about our beef production. We encourage you to drop by anytime and we value your visit.



Bill & Dorothy Lamport, Brad & Christine Lamport